Security Patrol

Back in 2008 we made the decision to fund the summer security patrol program. In partnership with the BPPA, the Community contracts with a local security company to provide the neighborhood additional security services during the busy summer months. This program has been received very positively from our neighbors and will continue to be a priority for the Foundation in the coming years.

Please see below an article about the summer 2020 program from our latest Compass Newsletter:


L/R Alex Martinez (KMA President), Alex Llamas

Thanks to your support and encouragement, the Foundation is happy to fund another summer security patrol pro-gram with KMA Security and Patrol. Company President, Alex Martinez, will share patrol duties with officers Alex Llamas and Cruz Gonzalez. Please feel free to stop them to identify any special areas that you think need attention.
This popular service includes patrols of all of our streets and alleys from early evening through well past bar closing time. Their principal duties include:

• Clearing bay beach dock of af-ter-hours fishing and partying
• Managing noisy street gatherings and late parties
• Alerting residents of open garage doors, other safety issues
• Monitoring loitering and other suspicious activities

The patrol officers have been very good at dealing professionally and peacefully with most evening/late night incidents. In one touching i-cident last year, they helped a disoriented, elderly visitor find his lost car and got him safely on his way!

Their work early this summer has been complicated by the changing beach/parking /boardwalk limitations and civil unrest, but things are more normal at this stage. Even though, it seems that late night activities are more prevalent than in prior years, and we are pleased with the way that KMA has handled the changing circumstances. On the rare occasion when activities get too intense, KMA has a good working relationship with NBPD and has obtained their prompt support. Sincere thanks to Alex Martinez for supporting us on short notice during the afternoon and evening of the New-port Pier civil demonstrations on June 3. Their presence here was a great comfort to us and deterrent for visitors who might have chosen to spend the evening with us.
The KMA patrol officers submit nightly incident reports, identifying the entire night’s activities. These can be found on the Foundation web site ( Look under Summer Security Patrol – Security Patrol Reports. If you see anything needing their immediate attention during their patrol hours, call their support line

You might have noticed that the patrol service has expanded this year. It is now 7 days per week for the entire summer through Labor Day. Many have asked to have it extended to year-round and we are discussing this with KMA. We are thinking about weekends for the rest of the year in addition to the usual summer and Boat Parade schedule. This would require a considerable increase in funding. But, if you are interested, please let us know and we will investigate.

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