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Security continues to be a highly regarded item for our donors. We see it prioritized on our gift envelopes and we hear it from our neighbors at our community gatherings. As a result, we have continued to spend a large portion of our annual donor receipts on security services provided by KMA Security and Patrol. Our typical expenditure has focused on summer service coverage and the week of the annual holiday boat parade. This year we extended that coverage into fall and spring as our Peninsula experienced a higher than usual traffic as a result of the activity restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

Please see below an article about the summer 2021 program from our latest Compass Newsletter:

Security Efforts on the Point

Security Officer Ian Harper

We are pleased to again fund the summer security patrol program and we have contracted with KMA from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. This service will run seven days a week and from 9 PM to 5 AM. We moved the coverage time back by two hours as we have received feedback from our neighbors of increased traffic after the bars close. The service will remain the same; focused on clearing the bay beach, pier and wedge park, managing noisy gatherings and late parties, alerting residents to open garages, monitoring loitering and/or suspicious activities and patrolling the beach entrances at G, I, L and M streets to help man-age the beach traffic after hours.

Our primary security officer will be Ian Harper and he will be supported by Alex Llamas and Owner/President of KMA, Alex Martinez. The KMA officers submit nightly incident reports and are available on the Foundation’s website ( Feel free to peruse if you are interested. In addition, KMA can be contacted by phone at 888-KMA-1988 if you see anything that needs their immediate attention during their patrol hours.

These gentlemen are here for us, so feel free to say hi, introduce yourself and share with them any issues you believe require any additional attention.

In a related effort, we are also looking into the installation of a license plate reader camera that would be placed somewhere in the Balboa Village area. We have learned from the Police Departments Crime Prevention Specialist that this technology has proven helpful to crime investigation. Our approach would be to invest in the technology, house it on a commercial building and make the information available to the Police Department in the event of crime. We have made good progress on identifying equipment needed, discussed with both City officials and Police Department leadership, and are now engaging in discussions with business owners in the Village regarding housing the equipment. We are hopeful that we will be successful in this endeavor but are clearly still in the exploration phase of this effort!

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