Security Patrol

Neighborhood safety and security are high on our list of items most important to our donors. Following is a
summary of current Foundation activities in this area.



Thanks to officer Walter Jenkins for a successful Spring weekend KMA Security and Patrol program. We started the 7 day per week summer program Memorial Day weekend, and in addition to Officer Jenkins, we will have Officer Sean Toomay to fill out our summer patrol. KMA has been particularly responsive to our needs and we encourage you to engage the patrol officer to discuss specific items that need attention in your area. With your continued support we
are planning to return to the 3 day weekend program for the fall, winter and spring. We are hopeful that with continued growth in donor support we will be able to move to a 7 day
a week security program 12 months a year.

If you are interested in seeing the security patrol reports you can find them on our website at KMA’s phone number is Also, you will find listings of NBPD Incident Reports for Peninsula Point as a part of the Neighborhood Watch Program reporting system. We are regularly among the least reported areas in the City thanks to your diligence in intercepting activities before they become “Incidents” and our continuing efforts to increase emphasis on neighborhood security.

The KMA patrol service will continue as in the past; focused on clearing the bay beach, pier and wedge park, managing noisy gatherings and late parties, alerting residents to open garages, monitoring loitering and/or suspicious activities and patrolling from A street to the Wedge and the beach entrances at G, I, L and M streets to help manage the beach traffic after hours.


We are proud to report that the LPR program is up and operational as shown on the photograph.

Cameras under the eaves of the Balboa Realty offices at A street and E. Balboa Blvd. are positioned to monitor incoming and outgoing lanes of traffic and store the data until needed by NBPD. An independent third party will make the stored data available only to NBPD as they deem appropriate.

Our sincere thanks again the Balboa Realty partners Artie Dorr, Aaron Batley and Alex Batley for their support of this project from Foundation collaboration, City of Newport Beach and NBPD coordination, equipment installation/checkout and willingness to assure access as needed. The system has been though an end-to-end functional test and is fully operational

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