President’s Message

We often get questions about the Foundation and its relationship to the BPPA, so we thought it best to hit those important topics in hope that more people will contribute after better understanding the role of the two organizations. Hopefully that additional clarity will help people decide to donate more dollars to address the current hot topic on the Point: Security.

The Foundation was originally created in 2006 to provide interested neighbors a tax-deductible vehicle to invest in the Peninsula Point via quality of life enhancements and safety related initiatives. We have included a section in this newsletter that highlights those accomplishments over the last 15 years. The Foundation works cooperatively with the BPPA, but the two organizations have very different purposes.

The BPPA is a social organization and, in addition to providing the Bay Beach to its members, it sponsors the many neighborhood social events including the 4th of July parade and Easter Egg Hunt.

The Foundation is a philanthropic organization focused on improving the community’s quality of life. We have included a side by side narrative that discusses the differences in the body of our newsletter to better explain how the two organizations complement each other in their support of the neighborhood.

As time has evolved, the Foundation has shifted its focus from neighborhood enhancements to Security. Originally the BPPA arranged for the Summer Security Patrol and the Foundation funded it. That shifted a
number of years ago and now the Foundation manages the contract, the relationship and the funding of the Security Patrol. Thankfully, due to increasing participation in our fund-raising results, we have been able to increase our Security patrol from the original 5 days a week summer program to 7 days a week in the summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and all non -summer weekend coverage for the entire year. Our goal
is to ultimately be able to fund a year round, 7 day a week program but that will require us to increase our neighborhood participation significantly. Our financial report will provide more information, but it really comes down to everyone contributing so that the neighborhood can benefit from the additional safety and security. So PLEASE consider contributing (and nudge your neighbor too)! The Foundation is overseen by a volunteer Board that is made up of your friends and neighbors. They are an incredible group and we are all very lucky to have them. Cheers to Ken Drellishak, Bob Yant, Denise Macias and Russ Doll for their
meaningful contributions!

We hope you find this article informative and motivates you to break out your checkbook. We appreciate what we have here on the Point and all the incredible people that make it so special. Happy summer 2022!

Warm Regards,
Bill Mathies


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