What’s The Difference?

The residents have two outstanding organizations supporting the residents of Peninsula Point. The Balboa Peninsula Point Association and the Community Foundation of Balboa Peninsula Point. The organizations are complementary and work together to support to our community. On occasion we receive questions about the roles and focus of each. We have articulated the primary distinctions below.

The BPPA is a 501(c)(7) organization.

BPPA is a non-profit organization focused on social and recreational events benefiting its members. Membership provides access to social activities and the Bay Beach member area.

Revenue is derived from membership dues and are not tax deductible. Here’s What the BPPA Does:

• Sponsors various events including:
4th of July parade, Easter Egg Hunt, Chili Cook Off, Christmas Parade Party, Bay Beach Barbeques and Potlucks
• Operates the Bay Beach and boat ramp
• Publishes an Annual Membership Directory
• Monitors City Council, Airport, Police and PublicWorks for issues that affect the Peninsula Point
• Supports Community Emergency Response Team(CERT)
• Publishes the periodical – POINTER

Additional information can be found at: bppa-nb.com

The CFBPP is a 501(c)(3) organization.

CFBPP is a philanthropic organization focused on improving the quality of life in the community with an emphasis on safety and security.

Revenue is derived from donations and are tax deductible. Here’s What the CFBPP Does:

•For 14 years has funded almost all of the summer and weekend security patrol costs.
•Installed license plate reader at Balboa Realty allowing direct access for Newport Beach PD
•Funded landscaping of island at I Street
•Provided lighting for Peninsula Point sign at G Street
•Installed the Tot lot at Miramar and G Street
•Commissioned and maintained the mural at Main Street and East Bay Avenue plus the artwork on the pump station at East Balboa Blvd and A Street
•Supports Community Emergency Response Team(CERT)•Publishes the periodical – COMPASS Additional information can be found at: cfbpp.org


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