President’s Message


I want to thank and acknowledge BPPA for their support as the Foundation identifies and conducts meaningful programs to enhance quality-of-life for Peninsula Point residents. As part of the annual BPPA membership drive, they included a Foundation description and solicitation for donations. As of this writing (early June) this solicitation resulted in 28 donations totaling $3,450.00. We appreciate your generosity and pledge that it will be used to good effect. Expansion of the summer security program is one example. KMA is now operating 7 nights per week and have supported us with special patrols during the recent civil demonstrations.
Finally, I encourage you to join BPPA. They are your formal voice with the City of Newport Beach and our partner in identifying and conducting programs of value for residents of Balboa Peninsula Point.
Thanks for your continuing generosity,

Ken Drellishak
President, CFBPP

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