CFBPP Projects


With the cooperation of BPPA and the city, we conducted a project to add lighting to the G Street island to assist in way-finding and traffic safety at this otherwise dark intersection. The project was completed late last year.
After consultation with the city, it was determined that a solar powered installation would not be feasible so we proceeded with the approach to use ground power. We worked with a city-approved contractor on development of an acceptable technical approach, obtained a permit from the city and paid the substantial permit fee. It was later determined that ground power was not immediately available to the site and we had to find another approved contractor with experience in pulling underground power lines from a source across the street. When the final design was finished, the city sought agreement by BPPA and approved the permit.

We thank Philomena Mark for bringing this very popular project to our attention, and we encourage all of residents to let us know if you have good ideas for other projects. We are currently investigating whether we can make improvements to the beach entrances at G, I and L Streets, but we are always willing to work with the city on other projects of value.


The photo-on-tape wrap Wedge surfer image on the utility box at the Wedge has been a big hit with most Wedge visitors since it’s installation in 2016. There have been graffiti attacks (paint, wax, stickers etc.), but these have been easily removed because of the very robust protective surface included on the original installation.
After over four years of weathering and repeated graffiti attacks, the City required that we replace the wrap (in compliance with our original permit). Mesa Art and Framing , the original contractor, still had the original artwork and performed the replacement at essentially the same price as original. We look forward to at least four more years of smiles and compliments by the majority of visitors to the Wedge.

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